The OFFICIAL Bro Lexicon!

Much like Brahristotle's "Brosterior Analytics", this guide will set the foundation for all future investigations and bronouncements. Bro¬†- Standard usage. The subject (or object, we don't judge) for statements, inquiries, and more. "Hey bro, what are you up to?" "Bro, look at this crucial workout I added to my routine." "The bros are headed to … Continue reading The OFFICIAL Bro Lexicon!

Kinzi Resistance Bands: Bro or No?

By: Matt Alexander This one is for the neckbeard that has everything except a gym membership. Wouldn't you like to get fit without having people stare at you as you struggle to lift the smallest of weights (Bro, do you even bench, bro? #epanalepsis)? Well, fear not! Jacked Bruce Lee will show you some basic … Continue reading Kinzi Resistance Bands: Bro or No?