UFC Fight Night 111: Good Morning Singapore

This weekend's card starts at 8pm eastern, like most Fight Pass cards... Wait, what?  It actually starts at 8 AM eastern!!!!  I hope you like face punching with your coffee and waffles.  Or maybe with a... bloody mary?  I'll be here all week folks. Because you will be far too sleepy in the morning to set … Continue reading UFC Fight Night 111: Good Morning Singapore

UFC 211: Everything is Bigger in Texas

The UFC breaks a long period of silence with a real humdinger Deep in the Heart of Texas this Saturday night. The Big D will host TWO title fights, as well as a couple of number 1ish contender scraps. Most fight cards host 10 or 11 total fights, from the Fight Pass prelims through the … Continue reading UFC 211: Everything is Bigger in Texas

UFC 209: Where in the World is Khabib Nurmagomedov?

Fans of mixed martial arts were hit right in the gonads earlier this afternoon when the marquis lightweight bout between #1 contenders Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson was scratched due to a vicious weight cut for the Dagistani sambo master. Yeah, Mr. Eckhart, that's how we feel too... But hey, we still have the rematch … Continue reading UFC 209: Where in the World is Khabib Nurmagomedov?

Championship Week DFS

It's the last week of daily fantasy football for the season, and even though we only have 2 games on Sunday, both promise to be high-scoring affairs.  In fact, the over/under for the NFC Championship game is 61.5, the highest ever for a NFL playoff game. Bottom line, there are going to be a lot … Continue reading Championship Week DFS

Divisional Round Daily Fantasy

Only two more weekends to avail yourself of daily fantasy football before it is taken away by the powers that be for SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS!!!!! Quarterback It's hard to argue against playing most of the QBs this weekend (Brock doesn't count as a QB).  However, if you're looking for value, Dak Prescott is really the best option at … Continue reading Divisional Round Daily Fantasy


Wildcard weekend is here, and just like Charlie, you need to be a real wildcard to dip your toes in the DFS waters this weekend.  There's a real lack of compelling lineups, but when you're an addict you need to get your fix somewhere... Quarterback A lot of backups are playing this weekend, which is... … Continue reading Week 1 Playoff DFS: WILDCARD BITCHES!

Week 16 DFS: Christmas Eve Edition

Get ready for a full slate of football this Sunday Saturday!  Because of Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, the bulk of NFL games will be played on Saturday (and one on Thursday, and two on Sunday, and one on Monday...) Some teams have basically locked up everything (HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!) but a … Continue reading Week 16 DFS: Christmas Eve Edition

Week 15 Daily Fantasy Football Picks

So maybe you're out of the playoffs in your season long leagues, but you still need to get that fantasy fix.  It's not like it's addicting or anything... But I digress.  Keep on reading for surefire advice on how to defeat your enemies in DFS this weekend just like Kevin McCallister defeated Harry and Marv. … Continue reading Week 15 Daily Fantasy Football Picks

Family, Food, and FOOTBALL

Ah Thanksgiving, the day that families across this great nation get together to celebrate the three Fs - family, food, and football.  When you think about it, Thanksgiving really is the broest of holidays.  You eat and drink to excess with your loved ones while watching professional athletes hit each other as hard as possible … Continue reading Family, Food, and FOOTBALL