UFC 202 Main Card Picks

Well shit.  Let's just forget that I picked anything for UFC 201. My record is now a paltry 12-13, which means that the comeback starting this weekend in UFC 202 is going to be EPIC. Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz - so what has changed since the last time these two fought?  Diaz has had … Continue reading UFC 202 Main Card Picks

UFC 199 Main Card Picks

Oh yeah, I'm back to give you another glimpse into my crystal ball of fight picks.  We have an excellent card this weekend in LA, with not one, but two belts on the line.  Shout out to my good friend, the Brostradamus, for his epic 0-5 record in last weekend's UFC Fight Night.  I meanwhile, … Continue reading UFC 199 Main Card Picks