A Very Vivid Halloween V

It is that spooky time of year again. Things are level 11 scary, now that Monster-Mike has DOUBLED in age. He destroyed the entire D.C. Metro system the other day just because he was annoyed with the delays. We may see Maintenance: Red-Line, but he sees PAIN-tenance: Red-Rum. His mother Kathulhu is eating more humans … Continue reading A Very Vivid Halloween V

Top 5 Best Halloween Songs

Are you stuck by your front door on Halloween night handing out processed sugar to all the little rugrats roaming your neighborhood dressed as an emoji?  Or are you on your fourth shot as you pre-game for an epic night of partying in your totally bro-tacular group costume with the dudes? Either way you're going … Continue reading Top 5 Best Halloween Songs

Face The Facts – Ep. 35: A Very Vivid Halloween IV

Before they were heroes – they were bomb-ass kids! Hello dear friends! Things have been super scary ever since Monster-Mike and Cthulhu’s reign of absolute terror. While I pray that one day Monster-Mike will see the light and reform from his human-chomping ways, I fear that mercy will never come from a creature as insidious … Continue reading Face The Facts – Ep. 35: A Very Vivid Halloween IV