So Backstreet is Back … to the Future?

By: Viet Doan Way before they begged us not to break their hearts, the Backstreet Boys were promoting a message of peace and goodwill the likes of which had not been heard of since the days of Socrates. Their songs were about inclusion and acceptance. They didn't care who you were, where you were from, … Continue reading So Backstreet is Back … to the Future?


Pop Culture – Typography

It truly is the ear-worm that keeps on giving. The 2011 hit Pop Culture by French DJ Madeon is one of the catchiest and most danceable tracks ever produced. This is what happens when you mix other ear-worm type music into one monster mashup. It only makes sense that when you pair it up with other pop … Continue reading Pop Culture – Typography

Top 5 Lifting Songs

We're now nearing the end of January, otherwise known as the time of year when the "resolutioners" stop entering through the gateway of the iron temple (the gym to all you betas). You've made it this far with your new year's resolution to turn your flab into a slab, so I salute you. The hardest … Continue reading Top 5 Lifting Songs

Flight of The Conchords – Top 10 Songs

They are turning kids into to slaves to make cheaper sneakers, but whats the real cost because the sneakers don't seem that much cheaper. Why are we still paying so much for sneakers when we have child slaves making them? What are your overheads? Just think about that one. Once every generation we have a … Continue reading Flight of The Conchords – Top 10 Songs

Friday Jams: Countdown of the BROest Christmas Carols

Christmas is just a few days away, which means that you've probably been hearing Christmas music in stores for 9 straight weeks.  A lot of folks get upset about this, but those people, besides being Scrooges and Grinches, just don't know how to enjoy the season's music correctly. While "bro" isn't exactly how people would … Continue reading Friday Jams: Countdown of the BROest Christmas Carols