UFC 202 Diaz vs. McGregor II / Woodley: Choosy Champ / Durant to Warriors good for NBA? (Fight Breakdown Video)

Broest Bros You Knows 44

The Bros are back with a jammed-packed BBYK. The Host, Viet, brings on fellow sports-junkie, Bry-On, to talk about the launch of his new Texas sports website Texas Triangle Trio, the epic #UFC202, and the NBA’s Brave New World of spending. This episode gets extra Brotacular when the Bros start to compare UFC 202 to Rocky 4 and… Armageddon? Trust us, you don’t want to miss a thing with this episode.

First on the docket, UFC 202. This is the rematch MMA fans have been waiting for. The Notorious #ConorMcGregor goes up against 209’s finest, #NateDiaz, as the two run it back. #UFC196 was an instant classic when the heavy favorite Conor McGregor was submitted by Nate Diaz in the second round to become the new… well nothing official. But the Bros would be remiss if they dismissed how much that fight has changed the MMA landscape. Long considered the anti-establishment bad boy of mma, Nate has shown a more good-natured and charismatic side to the media… and boy was there been a ton of media!

For the first time, it was Nate, not Conor, doing the big TV interviews and plugging the UFC in late talk show spots. Conor on the other hand went radio silent. That is until the retirement heard around the twitter-verse. Initially, the rematch was due to take place at UFC 200 but McGregor’s refusal to attend a press-conference (and brief retirement) saw the UFC postpone the much anticipated rematch. A renewed focus on training has Conor concentrating on what pays the bills, and that is his skills. Now, Nathan Diaz and Conor McGregor meet for the second time at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on an absolutely stacked UFC 202 card that features a co-main event pitting two knock out artists in Glover Teixeira and Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. Blink and you’ll miss it folks, this isn’t getting out of the first round. The Bros cover what you can expect and which parts of the fight may favor which fighter. Tune in folks, it is going to be #hyped af!

Next the Bros discuss the new Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. The Bros give there hot takes on whether or not a Champion should get to pick his next opponent. At what point is it campaigning versus ducking. The UFC is largely successful because it constantly challenges the best fighters to fight the best. In contrast, this is not the case in boxing. The Bros discuss the pros and cons of fighters having a say in their opponents. Lets not forget that Dan Henderson is getting a title shot against Michael Bisping. Meritocracy makes sense when in makes money-sense. The Bros do agree that Tyron should stop concentrating on his texts with GSP and prepare for a showdown with number one contender Stephen Thompson. How do you guys fee about it? Please tell us in the comments below!

Last, the Bros do their 2nd annual NBA Round Up as they cover the NBA free agency and make predictions for the upcoming season. These are just a few of the questions that will be answered: Is Durant going to the Golden State Warriors good for the league? How great can they be? Is it a two team league now with the San Antonio Spurs playing the dark horse? How good will the Spurs be post Tim Duncan? Is Chandler Parson a superstar? Is John Wall mentally weak? Are the Rockets going to improve over last season with the additions of Ryan Anderson and Eric Gordon? Does James Harden actually wear his shirt open? What is Harrison Barnes potential? Who was the better number one pick, Andrew Bogut or Alex Smith?

*quick breath

Will the Knicks finally be good? Is “Olympics Carmelo Anthony” coming back to New York? Will the Celtics be a top 3 seed in the East? Will Steph Curry retire a Warrior? Will he get better shoes from UA? How bad is Brooklyn? How many centers do the 76ers need? Should the NBA institute a Super Max Contract? This and many more questions are covered, do not miss it. Agree/Disagree? Tell us in the comments below. Have any questions you would like the Bros to answer? Tweet at us or put them in the comments and we’ll feature them on the show! Remember to stick around at the end for Matt’s Rattling the Cage!

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