UFC 212 / Being Bisping / No Love for Bodybuilders

Guess who’s back, back again? The Bros are back, tell your friends… because this is going to be a fun one. The Bros look around the MMA landscape and answer the hard hitting questions that donks like Luke Thomas refuse to cover. Stop pulling a GDR on us Luke!

We look at things like the viability of the women’s featherweight division. Can it be a thing at this point. We created a division of Mighty Mouse, can we build one around Cyborg? Also we answer the question “who the fook is Magana” for all of the fight fans out there. Take that back, we still don’t know. After that we cover UFC Stockholm and the return of one of our favorite fighters, Alexander Gustafsson. He looked excellent against Glover and talked some (rare) trash aimed at Jon Jones. Not quite sure USADA is the only reason he lost their first fight, but the Bros would love to see those two run it back.

Next the Bros cover the headache that is Bisping and the middleweight title. So he isn’t fighitng GSP now? What the mess? The Bros get down to the nitty gritty on this one to figure out the best course of action for the MW division moving forward. Whittaker vs. Romero is a great start.

UFC 212 in Rio de Janiero is here and the Bros look at the fights headlining the card. You can not do better than a true one vs two title shot eliminator that we get in Claudia vs. Karolina. Next, we have what could be the FIGHT OF THE NIGHT/MONTH/YEAR! Jose Aldo puts his legacy on the line against the most ferocious young talent the division has to offer. Both coming off losses to Conor McGregor, Max Holloway has amassed a 10 fight winning streak, defeating some of the best the division has to offer. The FW kingpin will get to test the young Hawaiian in a clash of styles thats hopefully less Woodley (not racist) / Thomson and more Hendo / Rua. A bro can hope…

Check out our latest interview with UFC women’s straw weight Pearl Gonzalez.

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