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From the creators of Balla is Hot comes The Insider, a story about a man so obsessed with basketball, he became a basketballholic! Future episodes only available for subscribers of the Insider Newsletter.

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After being crushed by his childhood icon Fashion Copela, BB-Holic decided to take matters into his own hands. He would call himself a super insider! When proven wrong, BB-Holic would simply plow on. When everyone told him to stop, he would just put his fingers in his ear and go “DA DA DA DA DA DA DA, I can’t hear you!”

Even in a world that has dealt with strange issues like the waiting of a displaced Chinese action star’s girlfriend, the proliferation of raccoon prostitution, ghosting caused by resume mishaps, intramural virtuosos, and worrisome genital hygienic protocols involving wash basins…


…this felt different. Determined! He would not be denied. No amount of claims disputing his actual involvement with anyone in the industry would deter BB-Holic. Not even the fact that he had none. All that mattered was that Fashion Copela was really bad at his job, and the world had to know he had sources regarding that.

This was his world now! If he had to post a hundred times on the internet to sell his newsletter, he would post a thousand times. BB-Holic descended into madness maximus, obsessed with selling everyone a subscription to his newsletter. He needed everyone to share in his insider knowledge.



-to be continued-

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