NBA Summer Power Rankings / Lebron & the Lakeshow Brothers / Kawhi & DeRozen swap/ Small Business Ideas for Big Box Stores / UFC Fox 30 Breakdown


The NBA free agency has been a wild ride, and the Bros are here to break it down for you. First things first, we said we were going video and it looks like Triple Box is here to stay.


We want to give a shout out to the NFL Red Zone Network for the inspiration. This one’s for you Scott Hanson. This one’s for you.

We kick off the podcast with a discussion about building a small business. Local business owner, Bryan Barrera (DC Dog Runner), shares his insights on the different challenges small business owners face when comparing the logistics of selling a product versus selling a service. The Bros then talk about the proliferation of vacant big box stores. What are we to do with these massive eyesores? Well, the Bros have an idea so SHOCKING & MANLY you won’t believe it! Or you will, we’re not pitching chem-trails out here.

Next the Bros breakdown the NBA Free Agencies winners and losers. The Lakers added Lebron, and then a cast around him that doesn’t seem to mesh. Rondo, McGee, Beasley, Stephenson? Add in Lonzo’s questionable role and Lavar’s looming presence and we have guaranteed fireworks, perhaps just not on the court.

The Bros also talk about the Kawhi trade and what it means for the Raptors and Spurs moving forward. They also talk about surprising contract extensions that were accepted (see Paul George and Kevin Love) and some contracts that were not.

Here is a contract to stay with the Timberwolves for the next 4 years Mr. Jimmy Butler.

Then they cover some odd moves like Cousins joining the dark side, Melo drama, and whether John Wall’s bruh meme was absolutely perfect for his team USA photo. *We don’t actually get to the last one because it is self evident

Lastly, the bros talk about UFC on Fox 30. Will Porrier finish what he started. Can Joanna get back in the win column? Is Aldo finished as a top featherweight? We answer these questions and a hell of a lot more in this chill ass episode of The BBYK Podcast. So just kick it and enjoy:

For audio only:


For my bros at Clutchfans:


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