Bro, what do you bench?

The gold standard of a man’s strength. How much can he lift off of his chest, while lying on his back, with the weight conveniently stacked on a bar? Very useful in many real life scenarios.

And while you are crushing sets, you may wonder about a world without the bench press. A sad and weaker world that predates bench pressing. Someone had to have come up with the bench press, right? Who do we have to thank for this magnificent exercise of strength and valor?

This is that dude…

…wait, sorry. You are a dude.

Maybe you should work on your bench press.

Mr. George Hackenschmidt is a man!


This is the inventor of the bench press, without whom, “what do you bench” would not even be a thing! The power this man processed. No one on the planet bench pressed as much as he did. Most of them didn’t even know what it was or how to do it. Knowledge truly is power. So remember our good friend, and broest bro, George Hackenschmidt the next time you ask your buddy “dost thou even hoist?”

George doth.

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