Pop Culture – Typography

It truly is the ear-worm that keeps on giving. The 2011 hit Pop Culture by French DJ Madeon is one of the catchiest and most danceable tracks ever produced. This is what happens when you mix other ear-worm type music into one monster mashup. It only makes sense that when you pair it up with other pop culture references, in this case those of the typographical nature, this magical song makes you somehow nostalgic and present. Not quite sure if you want to watch it again or scratch out your ears. Our test for you dear readers, how many can you name without cheating?

No worries to the perfectionist out there, Izac Less has reference guide companion video.

I would be remiss if I did not also bring up another Pop Culture mix video, this time featuring Disney. If you are a little Madeon’d out, maybe save it for another time, but I would highly recommend it for any Disney fan. So, basically everyone because they legally own pop culture. Plus the editing job on this one is top notch.

Be sure to check her other hit video, flippy lid.

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