Friday After Next: The Christmas Movie You Never Knew You Needed!


Do we need more Christmas movies? Friday After Next answers this question with a definitive yes, and tries to answer a few other questions along the way. Like, what’s the big deal about black Santa? He steals presents, for one. Does that sound racist? Mayhaps. But it is in fact the basis for the third film in a tour de force trilogy, the “Friday” movies.

Craig and Day-Day (Ice Cube and Mike Epps) return for a campier entry in this unforgettable franchise. They say “Bye, Felisha” to the suburbs and move into an apartment together. Christmas parties, thief Santa, and paying the rent are just a few of the realest struggles our protagonists face.


Enjoy lots of wholesome stereotypes and consumerism. Terry Crews and Katt Williams provide legendary supporting performances, and the cast has the usual lovable family members. The production quality is there somewhere, complete with forgettable soundtrack, basic lighting, and dubious props, but that’s no reason to hate on a film that brings funny back to maximally quotable levels.

The whole “Friday” series is hilarious, and not in a Rebecca Black way. This movie comes just in time, and provides laughs cheaper than yo momma. Get an extra medium copy of “Friday After Next” and try it on for size… if you don’t have something else to do.

Let me check my Palm Pilot…

6.5/10 BroFists (5 + big ass sandwich + FUBU short set)


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