Avengers: Fantasy Football Endgame

The season is finally upon us. We have waited a year to find out the epic conclusion of Avengers: Fantasy Football Wars! Well here it is:


Danos ruled over the fantasy league with his Infinity Forehead. The Avengers knew what they had to do…


…go for the head! Or just wait for literally all of his running backs to either sit out, get injured, or get in legal trouble. The other teams capitalized! NothinFinerThanA49er made the playoffs behind rookie sensation Saquon Barkely

The injuries for Danos also left opportunities for other teams. No Kareem Hunt meant Damien Williams would help Zekee do u luv me down the stretch. No Bell meant James Connor was an RB1 for Iron V‘s squad all season.

Even without any running backs, Danos still made it to the Superbowl, setting up a showdown with Iron V!


It was a hard fought battle, neither side gaining ground early. Once the late afternoon games started kicking in, the tides started turning and Iron V went in for the kill. He’s got the POWER!

Final – OH SNAP!

(1) Iron V   249

(2) Thanos Snap   221


Iron V won and restored balance to the league. Along with taking down Danos, saving the universe, he also won a…


…Shiner Bock!

What a crazy year, but the adventure does not end there. Each season is a new battle, a chance for a new champion to emerge from the ashes. Each week, competitors will duke it out until only one remains. How will you do this year? Will you be sipping Shiner like a champ, or will you get dusted. You choose your destiny!

White Kastle Kombat.jpg



– To be continued –

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